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Meena's plan falls apart in Emmerdale as she resorts to murder

And as families are torn apart and lives are changed forever, who will meet their end in Emmerdale?

Lacking in empathy, dominated by her own ego, but otherwise normal to those around her, Meena is a manipulative character, hellbent on getting what she wants and woe betides anyone who stands in her way.

If you dare to cross her, she will do everything in her power to bring you down, all the while playing the innocent friend and victim.

In recent weeks, viewers have seen her behaviour become increasingly erratic, but what finally pushes her over the edge and who will meet a harrowing end?

Meena offers to pay Jacob’s airfare if he wants to go travelling with Leanna, as long as he keeps it a secret. Despite playing along, Jacob can now tell when he's being manipulated.

Later, when Meena wants to celebrate Jacob’s impending departure, he’s only too pleased to burst her bubble. And David is oblivious as battle lines are drawn between Jacob and Meena.

When Meena warns Jacob not to make an enemy of her, he’s left seriously unnerved. What will Meena do to get him out of the way?

Elsewhere, Manpreet tells Liam that she wants to give her old travelling rucksack to Leanna to take on her travels, unaware that Meena has some personal possessions hidden in it.

After Meena confronts Manpreet about the rucksack, she is told that she gave it to Liam for Leanna. Later, Leanna is in her bedroom and is creeped out when Meena enters and asks for the rucksack. How far will Meena go to get her possessions back?

And as David and Victoria arrange to look after their babies together, sparks begin to fly as they enjoy each other’s company and later, caught up in their moment, David leans forward and kisses Victoria.

If Meena finds out, how far will she go to make sure no one goes near her man?

Emmerdale continues Mondays with all episodes available on ITV Hub ahead of being shown on ITV


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