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Meena turns her attention to Rishi after struggling to make amends with Manpreet in Emmerdale

But will they ever manage to heal their rift?

Stressed, Manpreet tries to get philosophical about her situation with Meena and is heartened when Rishi offers her his full support. After arriving to explain herself, Manpreet is left kicking herself as her attempt to build bridges quickly sours and Manpreet storms off.

Soon, Meena turns her charms to Rishi who enjoys the attention as she opens up about her life and an uneasy Manpreet worries about the closeness developing between them and heads back to the surgery to look through CVs for the nurse job vacancy.

Formulating a plan, Rishi introduces Meena to Liam and puts her forward for the job.

Furious with his interfering, Manpreet makes sure not to make things easy for Meena in the interview, leaving Liam shocked at how she's handling this.

Back at home it is clear Rishi disapproves of Manpreet’s actions. Will Meena and Manpreet ever heal their rift?

Emmerdale continues Monday - Friday at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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