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Melanie makes a shocking discovery as Logan's true identity is finally revealed in Neighbours

But can he still win Aaron round?


Aaron and Logan’s friendship continues to deepen, especially when Logan makes a positive first impression with Isla and the two quickly bond. And as Aaron continues to take steps forward in his grief, he donates David’s clothes to the Foundation.

But when Andrew makes an innocent comment on the obvious connection between Aaron and Logan, a guilty Aaron freaks out and shuts Andrew down, demanding the clothes back.

However, a guilty Toadie informs him that the clothes have all been bought and gently reminds Aaron that there’s no correct timeline on how he should feel after a partner passes away, and it’s not a betrayal of David if he finds himself enjoying the company of others.

Realising he was just freaking out, Aaron accepts Toadie’s counsel and affirms he does like having Logan in his life, completely unaware that Logan is the one who has purchased all of David’s clothes.

When Melanie shows up unannounced at Logan’s caravan, Logan quickly changes out of David’s clothes and berates her for overstepping.

Meanwhile, buoyed by Toadie’s counsel, Aaron invites Logan to hang out, which he is thrilled about. Dropping around to the Kennedys’, Logan and Aaron take in the history book open to a page of David and Aaron.

Unable to help himself, Logan suggests they borrow the book and Aaron agrees to a trip down memory lane. When Karl suggests that Logan’s community in Parramatta didn’t have a history book, Aaron corrects that Logan is from Liverpool. As Logan asserts that Karl must have misheard, Karl shakes off the odd moment.

However, when Melanie shares her concerns about how quickly Aaron and Logan are connecting, Karl brings up the inconsistency, and when Remi also expresses her own doubts about Logan, Melanie’s internal alarm bells are well and truly ringing.

So while Aaron and Logan deepen their friendship, Melanie lets herself into Logan’s caravan and discovers the bag of David’s clothes, just as Logan unexpectedly returns.

Caught by Melanie with David’s clothes, Logan defends that he bought them in case Aaron regretted clearing them out. Playing shocked and insulted by Melanie’s ‘paranoia’, Logan puts her firmly in her place.

Quitting Divas, he hastily connects with Aaron, explaining that he retrieved David’s clothes should Aaron regret tossing them away. Touched by Logan’s care, Aaron confronts Melanie, telling her to lay off Logan.

Elsewhere, Remi still feels that something odd is going on with Logan and approaches Melanie about further investigations. Stung by Aaron’s dressing down, Melanie is backing off, forcing Remi to take the matter into her own hands and confirms that Logan is a doctor who practiced at a hospital in Liverpool.

When she conveys this to Melanie, they call someone who knows him back home and off the back of this call, Melanie rushes to warn Aaron that Logan is unhinged and, incredibly, connected to David.

With Aaron struggling to process the revelation that Logan is a doctor who studied with David, Leo fills in the rest of the story. Logan became so obsessed with his brother to the point where David had to get the university involved.

Whilst Leo is outraged to learn that Logan has been weaseling his way into Aaron’s life, Aaron wants to hear Logan’s side first. When cornered, Logan explains that back then, all he could see was how special David was, but David didn’t welcome his affections and he understands now how inappropriate he was.

With Aaron baffled by what he was hoping to get out of coming to Erinsborough, Logan becomes emotional as he explains he came with a pure heart and a wish to see the people who loved David as much as he did. As Logan breaks down, Aaron can’t help but be moved.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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