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Mercedes discovers she's pregnant in Hollyoaks

As Cher's gaslighting takes a twisted turn.

Mercedes is confused when several packages containing baby products arrive on her doorstep which she supposedly ordered, unaware that Cher is behind it all as she continues to gaslight her. To prevent Sylver from worrying, Mercedes makes up a lie to explain the orders.

Seizing the opportunity to taunt her even more, Cher gives Sylver an idea, to surprise Mercedes by displaying a baby cot in The Dog. But the tone-death gesture only upsets her more.

That night, Cher dresses up as Mercedes for her most twisted act yet.

The next day, Mercedes is left scrambling for words when she faces the blame for something she didn’t do. However, Cher has video footage to prove otherwise.

Only Cher is left disappointed when her ploy to ruin Sylver and Mercedes’ marriage only drives them closer together, so Cher orders a fake pregnancy test.

When Cher tells Mercedes that she thinks her irrational behaviour is due to her being pregnant, she tries to convince her to take a pregnancy test.

Later, love-struck Romeo rushes to see Mercedes after Cher tells him her marriage is on rocky ground. And afterwards, Mercedes takes the pregnancy test.

When the test shows up as positive, Sylver is elated with the news that he’s going to be a dad again and the married couple are on cloud 9. Romeo however, is heartbroken and Mercedes urges him to get over what happened between them.

Smitten, Romeo cancels his date with Cher to spend more time with Mercedes. Left alone after rejected by her boyfriend and her dad, Cher is upset to see more hateful comments about her looks online.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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