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Mercedes discovers the truth about Cher's scheming in Hollyoaks

But will she tell Sylver?

As Mercedes returns from her stay in a psychiatric hospital, the McQueens are delighted to have her back in good spirits. But her husband, Sylver, still has baby fever, and she soon breaks the news that kidnapping Diane’s baby has made her not want to have a baby anymore.

With Mercedes back, step-daughter Cher gets back to her meddling ways and encourages Tony to go and see Mercedes, knowing it will overwhelm her.

Later, Mercedes makes a shocking discovery and is now convinced that she didn’t take baby Eva. But is she pointing the blame at the wrong person? And Sylver gets some bad news from the fertility clinic.

Overhearing a conversation Mercedes is having, Peri gets the wrong end of the stick, resulting in the revelation that Cher was the one who framed Mercedes for kidnapping baby Eva.

Armed with Peri’s revelation, Mercedes confronts her scheming step-daughter Cher after months of manipulation. Will Cher admit the truth? And will Mercedes tell Sylver what his daughter is really like?

Looking into IVF, Sylver realises the cash from a big job he hasn’t even started on yet has gone missing from his account and Mercedes is left scrambling for words.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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