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Mercedes fears for her marriage in Hollyoaks as she spends a night in with Romeo

Is Cleo about to be uncovered as the secret troll?

Sylver tries his best to ignore the online trolling his wife, Mercedes has been receiving, oblivious to the fact the culprit is right under their nose. But he can’t ignore a claim that suggests she has been unfaithful when they give a very specific detail about her.

After having a huge fight with Mercedes, Sylver is ready to apologise and make things right the next day, but Cher's meddling convinces him that they need some time apart and suggests they go on a father and daughter camping trip for the night instead.

Meanwhile, as Mercedes and Romeo both wonder where their partners are, they have a night in together instead.

After a bonding session with his daughter at the camp site, Sylver is in good spirits, until he finds his missing phone in Cher’s pocket. But will she be able to talk her way out of it?

And as Mercedes fears for her marriage, Sylver recruit’s computer whizz Tom Cunningham to do some digging and find out who the troll is. As the walls close in on Cher, her family are more determined than ever to find out who the online troll is.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4

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