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Mercedes in DANGER in Hollyoaks as Silas plays games with the McQueens

Will he succeed in taking his grandson Bobby from the McQueen family?

As Hollyoaks' stunt week returns, as does infamous serial killer Silas Blissett who's on a mission to take his grandson Bobby from the McQueen family, using the village carnival to his advantage.

When Mercedes goes missing, the McQueen's plan of getting Bobby to safety goes awry and to make matters worse, Yazz reveals to the family that she spoke to Silas.

The family meet with Lexi in the hopes that the police can find Mercedes, but when Bobby overhears the news that his mum is missing, he demands answers.

Elsewhere, Silas finds Olivia at the school and tries to get her on his side, but she sticks by the McQueens, refusing to help him. But he won’t let her off that easily and sets her a deadly task. She must bring Bobby to him, or he will kill Mercedes.

Desperately trying to get Bobby alone, the pressure of Silas’ voice in her head proves too much for Olivia and she tells her fiancé everything.

With the carnival in full swing and Diane as ringmaster, the village is full of life. But the McQueen family aren't in the partying spirit as they need to find missing Mercedes. And when they decide to go to the police, a cryptic message from Silas warns them against it.

Later, Silas appears live from the McQueen’s household via webcam as they realise he’s been listening to them this whole time.

After the family are warned that playing games is the only way to keep them alive, John Paul is forced to face his demons.

And when Theresa and Goldie find themselves trapped in an escape room, the rules are clear, only one of them can get out of there alive. But will they agree on who should live?

When police officer Lexi finds out that Bobby has been left unattended, she unknowingly walks into a trap as she offers to get him to safety.

Meanwhile, Mercedes is running for her life trying to find a way out of Silas’ lair. And when Silas challenges the McQueens to a game of chess, the electrified board proves to be fatal!

The next morning, one member of the McQueen family wakes up in a prison cell and must explain themselves following a death at the folly yesterday. And someone decides to leave the village.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4 with first look episodes available weekday mornings on All4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4


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