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Mercedes is back and has a huge decision to make in Hollyoaks as she announces she's pregnant

Will Warren want to be a family with her and the baby?

Nana tries to persuade Warren to leave the village so Mercedes can come home, but he refuses. Things get tense between the two and Warren leaves Nana with a warning.

On her way home, Nana is unable to get in the house and while leaving Mercedes a voicemail message she takes a funny turn and collapses in the back garden and a passing by Warren soon discovers an unresponsive Nana.

As tensions rise between the McQueen family, Sally recommends that Mercedes gives them all some space.

Outside the hospital Felix confronts Mercedes and at Nana’s bedside, Mercedes admits she’s pregnant all while Warren listens in undiscovered at the door.

Later, Warren convinces Felix to go and make amends with DeMarcus face-to-face and tells Mercedes he wants to be a family with her and the baby.

Catching up with Mercedes in the hospital, Warren reassures Mercedes he’ll be there every step of the way as he knows she’s scared from past experiences of being pregnant.

Hollyoaks continues Boxing Day to Friday 29th December on E4 with first look episodes on Channel 4 streaming


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