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Mercedes persuades Warren to be there for a struggling Felix in Hollyoaks

When left alone, will Mercedes and Warren give in to their true feelings?

Mercedes comes up with an idea to help Felix but with DIY not being his strong point he manages to persuade a passing by Warren to help him. When Mercedes comes home and touches the cabinet he built, it falls apart, leading to Felix storming off.

When Mercedes confronts Felix, he opens up about his feelings and how he’s struggling with mental health. Mercedes pleads with Warren to spend more time with Felix to help him through his struggles, but the guilt-ridden best friend refuses.

Deciding to put his best mate’s wellbeing before his emotions, Warren plans to spend the day with Felix, but the lad’s lock-in he had arranged at The Loft doesn’t go to plan when Felix turns up with Mercedes.

When Felix overhears Warren and Mercedes talking, they find themselves cornered.

But relief washes over them when they realise he only heard them speaking about Mercedes' concerns over Felix’s wellbeing. Hurt they went behind his back, Felix turns to booze and kicks Mercedes out of his and Warren’s day.

After returning a drunk Felix home and seeing a note that Mercedes is driving to Plymouth to see Bobby alone, Warren stops her and tells her that he’ll take her.

Confiding in Goldie and Nana about letting Mercedes down, and with the McQueen's help, Felix makes a love nest for Mercedes’ return. And when Warren’s car breaks down, the tension between him and Mercedes rises and unable to hide his true feelings any longer, Warren admits he wants her.

When confronted, Mercedes confesses to Warren she also thinks about him and tension builds between the two. And during his first therapy session, Felix opens up about his unhappiness and his past regrets.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 7pm on E4 with first look episodes available weekdays at 7.30pm on Channel 4 streaming


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