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Mercedes tries to save her marriage in Hollyoaks as Cher hits rock bottom

And as the identity of Cher's online friend is revealed, Mercedes has a big announcement to make.

With Sylver wanting to end their marriage, Mercedes can't bring herself to tell Bobby the truth. When John Paul confronts her about lying to Bobby, he realises that she’s clinging onto the hope that she’ll be able to fix things with Sylver and tells Bobby the truth.

Later, Fergus breaks the news that Sylver’s loan has increased by five times. Overhearing, Mercedes offers Fergus a big proposition to make things right. But when she tells Sylver that she's cleared his debt, he's not as grateful as she expected so she tells him that she won’t try to stop him if he leaves. But what will he decide?

Meanwhile, Tom struggles with Cher doing nothing while staying at The Cunningham’s and Cher overhears an argument between him and Yazz about it. With family meaning everything to her, Cher is determined to get hers back and despite Sylver not answering her many calls, she puts on a front for Tom and Yazz, insisting that her dad’s forgiven her and she’s moving back to The Dog.

On her way to see Sylver, Cher bumps into Timmy who breaks some shocking news to her. Things get awkward when Cher bumps into Romeo, who offers her somewhere to stay, as well as some advice to move forward, and misinterprets the situation thinking that Romeo wants her back.

Having been rejected by her family and friends, Cher hits rock bottom and after failing to sneak into The Loft, things take a dangerous turn when she has nowhere to go.

After Sylver contemplates giving Cher another chance, he’s forced to make a decision when Bobby shows him a tweet from Cher that appears to be a cry for help. But will he be too late?

Guilt-ridden, Sylver tries to avoid his problems as the identity of Cher’s online friend ‘Jade’ is revealed and the McQueens try to process the fact that Cher’s online friend is closer to home than they thought.

And after making a drastic decision, Mercedes has a big announcement for her family.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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