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Michael asks Ed for his investment money back after losing his job in Corrie

But does Ed have it?

Ed apologises to Dee-Dee for being too distracted to take an interest in her new boyfriend and offers to take her and Joel for lunch to get to know him.

At No.3, Dee-Dee sifts through the mail and shows Ed an envelope from a credit card company addressed to Norris Cole.

Later in the café, Ed’s card is declined and Joel kindly pays for Ed’s coffee with his card, both men unaware of the other’s identity.

Arriving at the Bistro for lunch with Dee-Dee and her new boyfriend, Ed is embarrassed to be introduced to Joel who doesn't mention the declined card incident. And Ed covers his embarrassment when Joel pays for lunch.

Meanwhile, as the police investigation continues, Carla assures everyone she intends to fight tooth and nail to save the factory and plans to fly out to Spain in a bid to secure a lucrative deal.

Whilst Beth, Kirk and Simon worry about their wages Michael gets the news that he is losing his job. Downbeat, Michael tells Ed that he’s lost his job and will need the investment money back as he’s got nothing to live on.

When Ronnie suggests they give him a grand each, Ed squirms, knowing he hasn’t got the money. Ed tries to give Michael £1000 but he refuses to accept.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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