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Mick gets annoyed by Linda and Alfie's closeness in EastEnders

But will he listen to Alfie when questioned on if Janine is the woman he loves?

Shirley is furious when Linda lets slip to her about Janine and Mick’s engagement.

Picking up that all is not well with Mick, Linda checks in on him and gives him food for thought on his future with Janine. But what will Linda say when Shirley asks her how they can stop the marriage?

Later, Mick proposes properly to Janine.

When Sharon arranges a blind date for Linda, Alfie offers her some words of support.

But when Linda’s blind date fails to show, Alfie steps in and buys her a drink, annoying Mick in the process.

As Mick and Linda reminisce about buying The Vic, Alfie arrives for his shift only to be told by Mick he’s no longer needed.

After spotting how much Kat is struggling to handle everything, Jean suggests she asks Alfie for help and later in the café, Kat asks Alfie to look after the kids and Alfie convinces her to let him run the cab office in her absence.

When Mick apologises to Alfie for having to let him go, he's annoyed when Alfie questions if Janine is really the woman he loves. Will Mick listen to Alfie?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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