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As she makes a statement to Jack about the man who harassed her.

Mick enlists Lola’s help with encouraging Frankie to call the police about the man who harassed her.

With Ben’s help, she eventually agrees and Mick supports her as she gives her statement to Jack. But Frankie is left feeling disgruntled, and Mick helpless, when Jack tells her that getting a conviction will be hard.

Later, Frankie spots Nugget and Denzel interacting with an uncomfortable Amy, which increases her rage even more and Linda tries to offer her support.

Spotting a despondent-looking Frankie, Lola takes her to get some food. At Walford East, they are hassled by a bunch of guys and Ravi steps in to shut them down. With Frankie left even more unsettled, Lola rants about certain behaviours in some men and Frankie feels buoyed on to stand up for women.

At the café, she finds Amy who is with Jack and apologises for not stepping in when Denzel and Nugget were harassing her leaving Jack furious.

At work, Frankie formally pulls Denzel and Nugget up on their behaviour towards Amy. Frankie thanks Linda for her support, she did the right thing standing up for Amy.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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