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Misbah confesses to Marnie in Hollyoaks about being Shaq's mother

But will Marnie tell Shaq the truth? And after Verity finds out that Shaq fancies her, what does this mean for her and Sami?

Whilst Shaq continues to crush on Verity, oblivious Sami sets up a plan to help Shaq get into a relationship of his own by pretending to treat him to lunch but ditching him with Theresa. And after Verity gives him a surprise gift, Sami recruits Shaq to buy him one to give to her in return.

Later, Shaq struggles to focus on Theresa because he overhears Verity upset about it being her dad’s birthday. Over a drink, Verity tells him about some happy memories that she has with her dad and he uses them to help Sami get a meaningful gift. But Verity isn’t convinced that the personal gift was from Sami.

Struggling with the possibility that Shaq might have feelings for her, Verity resorts to asking Celeste for some advice under the rouse that it’s about a client. As she decides to confront Shaq, how will he react?

Working out the omitted details of Verity’s dilemma, Celeste suggests she try to figure out if she has feelings for Shaq. But when she’s about to, she finds out how close him and Theresa really are.

Meanwhile, Misbah opens up to Marnie about Shaq’s troubles, breaking down and confessing that Shaq is her son.

As complicated familial relations continue to trouble the Maaliks, Misbah tells Marnie about her relationship with Shaq’s father. And later, Sami comes clean to Misbah, telling her that he knows Shaq isn’t his brother.

They agree Shaq should be told the truth, but after a conversation with Scott, Misbah gets cold feet.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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