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Misbah lies to Shaq about his dad being dead in Hollyoaks whilst telling Yazz the real truth

But when the truth comes out eventually, how will Shaq react?

Shaq keeps hitting dead ends as he continues his mission to find out who his dad is. But after Imran offers to help him do it properly, they locate Misbah's roommate at the time Shaq was born and arrange a reunion to get some answers. Realising what Shaq is up to, Misbah meets him instead.

When Shaq asks Sami for help in putting a subpoena against Misbah, he makes it clear that his expectations aren’t realistic and even if they were, he wouldn’t help him. Confiding in Verity once more, she agrees to help Shaq find his dad.

Meanwhile, Mandy is worried about DJ’s development and asks Misbah to make an appointment for him at the hospital. But when Ali makes a move on Mandy, what could his true motives be?

Glammed up for her date with doctor Ali, Mandy bumps into Misbah who tells her that she’s arranged an appointment for DJ at the hospital. But when she finds out who Mandy is dressed up for, Misbah warns her against getting involved with Ali.

When Yazz bumps into Misbah, she questions her once more about Shaq’s dad and Misbah tells her Shaq’s dad’s identity and where to find him.

Misbah gets into another heated argument with Shaq and to get him to finally let it go, she blurts out that his dad is dead!

The realisation that his dad is dead hits Shaq hard and he turns to Verity for support. As they talk, Yazz comes across them but once she realises what Misbah has told Shaq, she rushes home to tell Misbah that she’s making matters worse with all the lies.

Elsewhere, it's girls’ night at The Dog for Goldie, Verity and Cleo… but without the alcohol. As the girls enjoy some mocktails, some information from Cleo makes Verity put two and two together and realise that Ali might be Shaq’s dad.

And when Ali confronts Misbah about her attitude towards him, they argue just as Shaq and Verity come around the corner. She reveals nothing but agrees to talk to Shaq about his dad when he asks. At home, they meet and they have a heart-to-heart.

After a shocking new development, Shaq confronts Misbah again. But will she finally tell him the truth about his father?

Working out that Shaq stayed at Verity’s the night before. Sami is fuming but when Shaq reassures him that nothing is going on between him and Verity, Sami apologises and comforts him before Shaq makes a decision.

Opening up to Yazz, Misbah misses out the reasons for lying so much to Shaq. But the truth comes out eventually.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4

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