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Moira and Cain close in on Mack and Aaron in Emmerdale

But will they catch them in time?

As Moira and Cain set their plan in motion to catch Mack out on his dodgy dealings, Mack - completely oblivious - assures Charity he’s been discreet about their job.

However, he realises he’s been caught out when Charity tells him she is aware he invited Aaron along yesterday as he came to her and threatened to blow the whistle unless he was cut in. And Charity warns Mack not to mess the job up.

Doing the deal, Mack’s buyer is furious when he finds a tracker amongst the goods in the back of the van and flees the scene, leaving Mack and Aaron in shock.

As Moira and Cain creep up to where the signal from the tracker has led them to, are they in time to catch Mack and Aaron in the act? And how will Charity react when she hears they have messed up once again?

Elsewhere, as Liv’s guilt intensifies over Paul’s death, she almost gives into the temptation of having a drink. Will she open up to Aaron?

Emmerdale continues Monday - Friday at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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