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Moira is left shaken as her marriage and life falls apart in Emmerdale

But can she help get Matty out of prison?


After Matty was sent to prison until his hearing for stabbing Samson, Amy and Moira visit him in prison.

When Moira mentions his medication, Matty is on the edge and confesses he hasn’t showered since he arrived.

Meanwhile at the Dingles, Samson gets ready for work, but is unsettled by the arrival of Cain. Knowing Josh is the real instigator, Cain pleads with Samson not to let Matty rot in jail.

Later, Moira is disheartened to hear Samson is still sticking to his story. As a plan to save Matty forms, Moira states there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

Full of dark intent, Moira follows Samson to the Woolpack toilets and when Cain later tries to warn Moira about messing up Matty’s case, she doesn’t want to hear it and emasculates Cain at the dinner table.

The next day, Moira regrets last night's tirade as Cain reminds her of the cruel words she called him.

Later, a drunken Cain returns to Butlers and things spiral out of control as Moira is left shaken, and her marriage and her life falling apart.

Schmoozing Josh at the Woolpack, Kerry secretly attempts to record their conversation on her phone, eager for him to spill. However, her plan soon backfires.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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