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Nadia Parkes to play Chloe Ayling in new BBC Three drama Kidnapped

The new factual drama is based on the true story of Chloe Ayling, a British model who was abducted in Italy in 2017, having travelled there for a photo shoot.

Nadia Parkes takes on the lead role of Chloe Ayling in Georgia Lester's six-part drama Kidnapped, which is based on detailed research, extensive interviews, documented legal proceedings and Chloe’s book Kidnapped.

It will tell Chloe’s personal story in full for the first time, going behind the headlines to shine a light on the emotional truth.

The series follows her terrifying kidnap, her bravery and resilience in captivity, and the subsequent court case that put her kidnappers in jail. Yet despite their convictions, Chloe faced headlines accusing her of faking her kidnapping and found herself at the centre of a media storm.

The series asks why Chloe was blamed for her kidnappers’ crimes. How do we relate to survivors of crime who make the front pages? And how does it feel to be an ordinary person, caught up in events so extraordinary that you aren’t believed?

Speaking about taking on the role of Chloe Ayling, Nadia Parkes said "This is a timely and important story about how we perceive trauma in the media. I feel honoured to be playing Chloe and to be a part of this adaptation for the BBC."

Other cast members include Adrian Edmondson, Nigel Lindsay, Olive Gray, Eleanor Romandini, Julian Swiezewski and Christine Tremarco, with further casting to be announced in due course.

Executive Producer for BBC Studios, Michael Parke, said "We are delighted that the incredibly talented Nadia Parkes will portray Chloe Ayling in our drama. She has immersed herself in research and is passionate about bringing the truth about Chloe’s story to the screen."

To which Controller of Youth Audience, BBC iPlayer and BBC Three, Fiona Campbell, added: "We’re so pleased that filming has now begun on Kidnapped and that the hugely talented Nadia Parkes will lead the drama as Chloe Ayling, alongside such a fantastic and impressive cast."

Written by and executive produced by Georgia Lester, Kidnapped will be directed by Al Mackay and produced by Clare Shepherd with Priscilla Parish, Michael Parke and Andrew Morrissey as executive producers for BBC Studios and Lucy Richer executive producing for the BBC.

The series is being made in full cooperation with Chloe Ayling and is filming in Italy and the UK.

Kidnapped will air on BBC Three


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