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Nancy and Frankie forced together in a police cell following bar fight in EastEnders

Can the two sisters put their Zack drama behind them?

After Nancy announces to the family she is going on a holiday with some girls she’s met, Sharon is unhappy that she's leaving without any notice and suspects it’s about Zack. But Nancy denies that it is and heads to The Albert to meet the girls.

Worried for Nancy, Frankie finds her drunk at the bar and when one of the girls is rude to Frankie, Nancy sees red and a fight breaks out.

Following the fight, Nancy and Frankie end up in a police cell and being forced together allows them the time to open up to each other and talk through the situation with Zack.

Soon, Callum appears to tell them they are being let out with no further action.

Meanwhile, Linda’s Bonsai is dead and after she points the finger at Shirley, Mick sends Shirley, Frankie and Nancy out to get a new one. Much to Linda's delight, they return with three Bonsais.

And after Frankie convinces Nancy to go out for a drink, they head to The Albert, where Zack shows up!

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One

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