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Nancy and Zack are forced to keep their relationship a secret in EastEnders

After Linda tells Mick what's been going on.

As Frankie’s driving lessons commence, she is filled with nerves - still feeling the guilt of hitting Nancy - and runs off when Mick suggests places to go.

Opening up to Frankie, Mick tells her about the paternity of Linda's baby before later informing Linda about telling Frankie about the baby.

In return, Linda tells him about Nancy and Zack. How will he react?

After Nancy informs Mick that Zack is going to be her training partner, Zack later comes to Nancy later to try and break things off with her, but he can’t find it in him to do so.

Instead, he suggests keeping their thing a secret.

EastEnders continues Mondays with all episodes available on iPlayer ahead of being shown on BBC One


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