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Nancy collapses babysitting Albie as she gets closer to Zack in EastEnders

And as Nancy vows to move out. Will she?

With Linda still not able to get her head around the idea that Nancy doesn’t want kids, Sharon finds Nancy asleep at the gym. As Nancy opens up to Sharon about her row with Linda, a flirty Zack appears and they go for a drink at Ruby’s.

Over a drink, Zack asks how he can help her and Nancy jokes that all she needs is her toothbrush. As he darts off to The Vic, his heroic plan does not go well!

When Zack lets slip to Linda that Nancy wants to move out, Linda is incredulous and Sharon is also unimpressed with Zack’s latest antics.

Meanwhile, as Nancy packs her stuff, Linda and Mick beg her to stay. Realising that they're coming from the right place, Nancy agrees to stay on the proviso that they support her choice. Will they agree?

When Sharon asks her to babysit, Nancy reluctantly agrees but as she looks after Albie, Nancy begins to feel unwell. Suspecting an epileptic fit, she quickly puts Albie in his playpen and calls Mick just in time as she crashes to the ground.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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