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Nancy ends her relationship with Zack after discovering he slept with Sam in EastEnders

And a shock proposal from Zack leaves Nancy with a big decision to make.

Following his night with Sam, Zack is wracked with guilt, which grows when a courier delivers a touching gift from Nancy.

After finally getting Sam out of the house, Zack confesses all to Martin and agrees to tell Nancy the truth. However, when Nancy profusely apologises for her behaviour, Zack decides to keep it to himself.

When Kathy tells the Carters she’s putting up a plaque in The Albert in memory of Tina. To commemorate the occasion, Zack suggests a party and is later relieved when Sam assures him that she's not going to tell anyone what happened between them.

As the party for Tina gets underway at The Albert, it ends in disaster when Nancy learns that Zack slept with Sam and is devastated by Zack's deceit. As a fuming Mick approaches Zack, Shirley gets to him first and punches him.

Later, Shirley berates Sam in front of Sharon and Kat, threatening to ruin their business and Sharon finds Billy doing tasks that she’s asked Sam to do.

Despite Zack pleading with her for forgiveness, Nancy ends their relationship and back home, Sharon gives Zack a piece of her mind.

When Mick turns up, Zack crosses a line and they almost come to blows.

When Martin advises him to give Nancy some space, Zack doesn’t listen and instead, rushes to find her but she doesn’t want to listen. Wanting to prove the ultimate commitment, Zack proposes, leaving Nancy stunned!

Meanwhile, Sharon fetches Linda from the hospital. Unaware that Linda is at the Mitchell's, N

ncy turns up and realises Zack has set her up to see Linda.

Despite the tension, Nancy and Linda have a heart-to-heart, but their moment is soon ruined when Nancy finds a bottle of vodka.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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