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Nancy shocked by Mick's announcement as she returns to EastEnders

But what brings her back?

Unsuccessful in her mission to find Tina, Shirley returns home and is determined to make Phil pay.

Meanwhile, when Frankie gets a letter, she throws it away. When Mick finds it in the bin - a birthday card from Katy, he apologises that he forgot her birthday and insists they will celebrate tomorrow.

As the Carters attempt to make Frankie's birthday special, Mick gives her the envelope he found from Katy. But when Frankie opens it she finds a cheque for £2,000. Angry, she throws it in the bin, refusing to be bribed.

Later, at Frankie’s birthday party at The Vic, Sharon and Zack turn up. As Zack tries to chat Frankie up, she’s having none of it. And when questions are raised about who Zack is, Sharon doesn’t hesitate to tell everyone he is her half-brother.

Noticing how easy it was for Sharon to open up and tell the truth, Mick decides to be honest about Frankie. But just as he does so, everyone is surprised to see Nancy walk through the doors of The Vic. But why has she returned?

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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