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Natasha has a change of heart in Corrie as she lets Nick see Sam again

And as Gail leaves for Thailand... will she ever return?

As Natasha and Sam call at No.8 with a get well card for Gail, she reveals she's off to Thailand tomorrow, unsure of when she'll be back. Upset, Sam rushes out.

Meanwhile, Leanne calls at No.8, begging Natasha to reconsider and let Nick be a part of Sam’s life for both their sakes. Natasha relents and tells Nick he can see Sam.

Later, impressed with his parenting skills, Natasha suggests that he and Sam should see more of each other.

And Audrey, Nick, David and Shona wave Gail off as she leaves for Thailand.

Coronation Street continues Mondays with all episodes available on ITV Hub ahead of being shown on ITV


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