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Nate clashes with Faith as she plans to get back something that belongs to her in Emmerdale

Will she get what she wants?

When a glammed-up Faith heads out with Nate, Chas is suspicious and when an intrigued Nate questions what they're up to, Faith remains tight-lipped.

Outside an anonymous house, Nate’s left uneasy as Faith explains her plan to take back something that belongs to her from her stepdaughter’s home.

Nate is beyond awkward as Faith blags her way inside Angus’s house despite his suspicions at the door. Figuring out who Faith really is, Angus is outraged and demands she leaves.

When Faith vows to return for what’s hers, Nate is left exasperated by his enigmatic grandmother.

The next day, Nate outright refuses to help Faith when she plans to go back to Angus’ but ends up kicking himself when Faith steals his car and drives off.

Later, Angus is bamboozled when a disguised Faith turns up claiming to be a photographer for a real estate agent and lets her in.

When Cain and Nate see Faith darting out of Angus’s with a stolen bag, they can't believe their eyes!

Recognising Nate from the other day, Angus figures out the thief must be Faith and as she later reflects on a good day's work, Chas, Cain and Nate are chuffed with the box of memories Faith has stolen back.

As the group falls into laughter, Faith is left happy after a successful day but will the law catch up with her eventually?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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