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Nate is out for revenge as the Dingles go to war in Emmerdale

Will Ruby succeed in helping Kim bring Caleb down?


When Moira and Cain encourage him to return to work and exercise his rights as a partner in the car firm, a thoughtful Nate is galvanised.

Despite Ruby’s cynical comments, Caleb is receptive, but says he needs time to organise the accounts to show Nate, which leaves her suspicious. Soon, Ruby reveals that she knows Caleb is hiding something in the car company finances and he reluctantly agrees to show her everything.

Attempting to clear the air, Caleb tries to chat to Nate about the business, but he's no longer interested in engaging with his uncle and threatens him for pushing it. As Kim watches with interest, Caleb is left feeling worried.

Confirming that Ruby still intends to help her bring down Caleb, a scheming Kim finds a way to rile up Nate.

Clocking Caleb talking to Tracy, Nate confronts him and demands to be bought out of the business. But when an agitated Caleb claims he’s unable, he turns to violence as a satisfied Kim watches on.

As Nate is pulled away, he's jolted to hear Frankie has seen his aggression and is convinced that nobody cares about him. With Nate desperate for revenge, Cain is anxious as to what it is his sone will do next.

Once Nate has returned, Aaron encourages him to get back at Caleb, but is alarmed when Nate asks him to help steal some of the business’s cars. Feeling unable to help, a guilty Aaron leaves, but can see Nate’s determination to follow through with the plan.

Later, Aaron talks to a reluctant Cain about Nate at Butlers, who promises a chance at paybackand to help his son is determined to join Aaron and assist with Nate’s car stealing plan.

As Nate drives off with the last of Caleb’s stolen cars, Aaron and Cain take a step further to reaching a truce. Soon, Nate tells them he has another plan for Caleb’s car.

Discovering the theft of his cars, Caleb’s accosted by Ruby in Mill Cottage, who’s upset from Caleb’s emotional betrayal with Tracy. As he tries to reassure her, Ruby insists on action and demands he turn Tracy against him. Heading out on the phone, Caleb leaves Ruby angry and vulnerable.

Outside, Caleb discovers Nate handing over the Bentley badge and tells him that’s all that’s left of his car as the rest has been crushed. Realising that Aaron and Cain are responsible for the thefts, Caleb is incredulous and a scathing Ruby cuts him to the core.

Already struggling with the insurance company over his stolen cars, Caleb’s even more worried when malicious Ruby suggests he should ruin today’s nursery presentation to prove his loyalties lie with her and not Tracy.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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