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Nate rejects Tracy's drunken kiss after bonding with Ruby over her apology in Emmerdale

But has Ruby done enough to win her husband back?


When a slanging match outside the shop with Nate leaves his mum totally unflustered, Nicky is astonished and Caleb is full of foreboding to hear Ruby has been alienating his family further.

As Caleb heads off to find out what’s happened, unable to watch another row between his parents, Nicky’s quick to stick up for Ruby when Caleb demands to know what she said to upset Nate. And Caleb is left exasperated by his incorrigible wife.

Later that night, Caleb can’t help feeling a pang of guilt as Ruby describes to Nicky what she gave up to build a life with his dad and it's clear that Ruby views Caleb’s attempts to connect with the Dingles as an existential threat to their relationship.

Nicky convinces Ruby that an apology to Nate might be a good idea, especially if it helps to smooth things over between her and Caleb. When Nate accepts Ruby’s apology, the pair start to tentatively bond over their shared hurt at Tracy and Caleb’s betrayals.

When Caleb marches in, he’s surprised to find Ruby and Nate peaceably conversing. However, Nate makes clear that Caleb himself is a long way from forgiveness.

Will Ruby have gone far enough to win her husband back?

Meanwhile, when a drunk and glum Tracy plants her lips on Nate, he quickly rejects her.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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