Nav Sidhu joins the cast of Hollyoaks

He'll play Sami’s half-brother, Azim Desaijoins and makes his first appearance on the soap next week.

Azim turns up on the Maaliks doorstep to surprise Sami and his wife-to-be Sinead. He wants to throw them an engagement party. He shares the same mother as Sami, but not the same father, so he has no relation to the other Maaliks.

He was first mentioned on Hollyoaks in mid-August after he wished the Maaliks a happy Eid Mubarak. Azim has been living in Australia for the last few years, only returning to the UK to surprise his half-brother Sami.

Whilst in the village, he gets a huge wakeup call and decides to stay, wanting to spend time with his family. Azim is always the life and soul of the party. He is the definition of a people-person. He appears to be full of confidence, and is real and approachable.