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Nell, JJ and Dex find themselves in a love triangle in Neighbours

But who will end up getting hurt?


After losing his job at the vineyard, JJ brushes off the disappointment and offers himself up to Terese for casual work at Eirini Rising and promises to go above board to prove himself.

When Terese considers hiring JJ, Toadie is bewildered, but reflecting on her own trouble-maker teenage streak, Terese leans towards giving JJ a chance.

Later, Nell keeps her crush under wraps when JJ tells her that he might be working right next door to her school soon. But she can't hide her excitement at the prospect and it's clear the JJ is keen on the idea too.

Calling out her true motivations, Terese worries Nell might be distracted at school, but Nell promises to be an angel and begs Terese to give JJ a chance.

Soon after, an overjoyed JJ reports to his mums that he’s the newest Eirini Rising Residents’ Assistant and echoes Nell’s vows to behave himself. But will they stay true to their word?

Later in the week, as an excuse to see JJ, Nell visits Dex, but when he’s not there, she stays to draw more of the ‘Dex-Truction’ character with Dex, who’s delighted his crush has come to hang out.

When Nell comes back the following day when JJ is there, they’re both amped to see each other and she brings Dex another sketch, igniting the love triangle even more.

As Nell continues to ‘visit Dex’ at the hospital, he’s oblivious to the charge between her and his brother and when Dex is stable enough to return home, Nell and JJ are privately deflated to lose their cover.

When Nell approaches JJ on the street, Terese feels obliged to enforce Toadie’s rule and is thrown when Nell asks for advice on how to move out of the friend-zone. Keeping her advice general, Terese offers that there’s no harm in being honest about her feelings.

Elsewhere, JJ seeks out Andrew who suggests he asks Nell on a casual date to find out if she’s interested in being more than friends, too. Off his uncle’s advice, JJ invites Nell to spend lunch together. When Nell agrees, JJ casually says ‘it’s a date’.

Later, JJ accidentally throws out the anime drawings Nell gave Dex and when a panicked Dex finds them crumpled in the bin, JJ is surprised by how angry his brother is. And the penny drops that his brother has a crush on Nell.

When Dex admits Nell visiting him every day in hospital made him think she might feel the same, but JJ’s crestfallen knowing there’s another reason. As Dex grills JJ on whether he’s heard Nell talk about someone else, JJ truthfully admits he hasn’t but is privately dismayed.

On their lunch ‘date’, Nell bravely bites the bullet and referencing the ‘date’ he asked her on, tells JJ she likes him too. Conflicted, JJ takes in her admission but forces himself to backtrack. and tells her that he only sees them as best mates and doesn’t want to ruin that by trying to make it something more than it is.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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