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Newcomer Rayne catches the attention of Prince and Hunter in Hollyoaks

As the brothers flirt with their new housemate, who will she be interested in?

This week, Jemma Donovan and Annabelle Davis join Hollyoaks as Rayne and Lacey who move into a shared house with Prince and Nadira. But what will Romeo think of his new housemates?

Hungover, Prince and Hunter panic about a last-minute house inspection and embark on making the place spotless.

After managing to pull it off, they offend Tom and are tasked with finding their own housemates by the end of the week or they must cover the extra rent.

Later, as Prince and Hunter make a pact to stay away from girls, Rayne turns up on a motorbike and as they both swoon over Rayne, they agree to a bit of friendly competition over who can win her affection.

Meanwhile, Lacey arrives in the village for a job interview with James at Dee Valley Law. After admitting how passionate she is about the job and wanting to help people, she doesn’t feel confident about her chances when James is far from enthusiastic.

As Rayne and Lacey move into the new house, Prince feels like Nadira is hogging Rayne and comes up with a plan to get rid of Nadira by getting Tom to distract her.

Later at the house, whilst they all play truth and dare, the friendly competition with Hunter and Prince to win Rayne’s attention turns sour when they start fighting.

Despite Tom advising them both that they need to agree not to be romantic with Rayne, so as not to tarnish their brotherly bond, Prince and Hunter don't keep to Tom’s advice as they both continue to flirt with her and have another party.

When Prince takes a photo with her and posts it online, Rayne panics that her ex-boyfriend, Mikey will find out where she is, admitting that she stole his Vespa after he owes her money. Asking Prince and Hunter for help, they agree to meet Mikey. But how will the exchange go?

Meanwhile, Juliet tells Peri that she received some good news from the test results. But is all as it seems? And when Peri and Juliet later turn up to the party at Prince’s house, Juliet drowns her sorrows which leads to her rushing out abruptly.

And Romeo’s in for a surprise when he returns home and meets his new housemate!

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4 with first look episodes available weekday mornings on All4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4

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