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Nick risks everything as he comes face to face with Sam's kidnapper in Corrie

After finding out what's really going on, will Natasha tell the police?

Despite Leanne’s fear that he might be walking into a trap, Nick returns home to help look for Sam. But when Sharon spots Nick going into No.8, she calls Harvey.

As a furious Natasha and anxious Nick watch with a feeling of dread as a policewoman approaches the house, a terrified Sam is trapped in the van and unable to summon help.

When Nick gets into a taxi, he finds himself in danger as the driver is one of Harvey's thugs. Handing Nick a burner phone, the thug tells him that unless Leanne and Simon retract their evidence, he’ll never see his precious son again.

Later, Nick confides in David and Shona how Sam’s ordeal wasn’t an accident but was orchestrated by Harvey. Calling Leanne, Nick explains how he won’t be returning to the hideout as Sam is in danger.

Having found out about Sam’s kidnap from Shona, a furious Natasha barges her way into No.8 and demands that Nick calls the police and tells them the truth.

After Natasha tells Nick and Leanne that if they won’t go to the police, she’ll do it for them, Shona finds her in the police station waiting room and begs her to reconsider, pointing out that by involving the police, she’ll be putting Sam in even more danger.

What will she do?

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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