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Nico steals Liberty's baby in Hollyoaks

As Brody is distracted by charming new arrival, Summer.

After begging Maxine to help her see Faith, Sienna finds Liberty in The Folly talking to ‘Nico’ and becomes increasingly concerned for her sister’s mental health and shares her concerns with Brody.

With Nico making Liberty think that they’re conspiring against her, Brody arranges to meet Liberty alone so he can talk to her without Sienna around. Only Sienna makes matters worse as she ambushes them with a doctor.

Pushing Liberty to get rid of Sienna by any means necessary, Nico steals her baby as Brody runs into new-girl Summer at the hospital, not realising she's Cormac's daughter - the man he, Warren and Felix put in a coma.

At the boat, Liberty realises that Faith isn’t in her pram and screams that someone has taken her daughter and searches frantically for her.

And when Brody runs into Summer again, he feels guilty that she’s had to give up her job after Cormac’s attack and offers her a new one at The Loveboat.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Thursdays at 6.30pm on Channel 4

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