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Nicola and Jimmy struggle as Angel is sentenced to eight months away in Emmerdale

How will Nicola cope when Angel calls in a state of distress?


As he contemplates Angel’s near-certain departure, Jimmy struggles to lift his spirits and when Angel says an emotional goodbye to her family, her parents hold back the tears.

Later, Angel, Nicola and Jimmy are devastated when the judge sentences her to eight months in a secure children's home.

Breaking down, Nicola struggles to imagine her daughter’s anguish, whilst Bob gets emotional as he reads Angel's letter.

Later that evening, when Angel calls in a state of distress, Nicola tries to hold herself together. Struggling with her own helplessness, Nicola breaks down as she's unable to help her daughter.

When an emotional Nicola goes to the B&B to apologise to Bob, there’s a moment of thawing as the pair support each other in their shared grief.

Later, Belle and Tom look after Elliot and Carl when Jimmy and Nicola visit Angel.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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