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Nicola has a breakdown in Emmerdale as she fears her attackers are back

Who does she hit over the head?

Following her attack, Nicola is really suffering and is left shaking when she hears a knock on the door and a shadow appears. Hiding her inner torment, Nicola is relieved when it's Bernice.

But when Bernice suggests she makes the pitch for the Green Initiative with her to the council, Nicola is through and once Bernice leaves, is left feeling like a prisoner in her own home.

Doing her best to keep Rodney from leaving and desperate not to be left alone, Nicola pleads with Bernice to come over and help with the presentation.

A little while later, Nicola panics when she’s the only one available to pick up the kids from school. Making her way to her car to pick up the kids, Nicola is overwhelmed by thoughts of her attack.

Panicking, Nicola slams on the accelerator, accidentally collides with David’s van and stumbles when confronted by an angry David.

When David demands insurance details, Nicola rushes back inside and bolts the door, ignoring David's pleas and unable to let him in.

Latching on to the idea of exaggerating Carl’s illness to keep him at home, Nicola ushers Elliot and Angel off to school as a wary Carl is unconvinced as to why he needs to stay at home with her.

Once alone, Nicola fights a panic attack but is snapped out of it by Carl. But whilst searching for chocolate to placate him, Carl grabs Nicola's phone and darts outside. Terrified, Nicola panics at the prospect of going outside.

Entering full panic mode when she hears girls laughing outside, Nicola braces for the fight of her life, thinking her attackers have returned.

Terrified, Nicola hits someone over the head. But who could it have been?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


For info only and not copy: it’s Laurel. Nicola barricades herself in as Bernice and Laurel try to help her. Cain kicks the door in, Laurel rushes upstairs to check on the kids. Bernice is worried sick when she finds a pale and shaky Nicola in the midst of a panic attack.


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