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Nicola's day in court arrives in Emmerdale

Is Naomi right to think she's going to prison?

As the trial begins, Naomi is blindsided when Saskia's barrister argues the defendants were no longer friends with Naomi after an altercation over money, stating that she feels ostracised from the gang and this is why she’s dragged the defendants into this mess.

After Manpreet tries to manipulate Nicola into speaking favourably about Noami in court, she fears that her interaction with Nicola might be the final nail in the coffin for Naomi's trial.

And when Nate admits to Naomi that he slept with Tracy, how will she react?

On the stand, Naomi's barrister runs rings around Nicola, highlighting to the jury that her case against Naomi is lacking credible evidence.

Back at home, Nicola’s roiling at the injustice of what she’ll do if the gang get off and Naomi considers the possibility that she might end up going down for a crime she didn’t commit.

The next day in court, she runs into a manipulative Saskia in the toilets, who insinuates that she's owed money and threatens to drag Naomi’s family into this if she doesn’t change her version of events.

When the prosecution barrister cross-examines a composed Saskia, she points out that Naomi has implicated herself in a serious crime, appealing to the jury that her client has no motive to lie.

As she prepares to give her version of events, Naomi tries to ignore Saskia and when the defence barrister gives Naomi a hard time in her cross-examination, Naomi erupts with upset and outrage as she comes clean about Saskia’s threats.

With the trial coming to an end, the judge addresses the jury urging them to assess the evidence presented to them but it’s clear Nicola’s not optimistic.

Back at home, Nicola feels exhausted and fed up, whilst Ethan and Charles try to encourage a downbeat Naomi who has already resigned herself to the possibility of going to prison.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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