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Nicolette and Byron both struggle in the wake of Victor's admission in Neighbours

Can an angry Byron forgive his dad for keeping such a big secret?


As the whole family comes together for a family brunch, Sadie continues to struggle with the burden of keeping Victor’s secret and later randomly mentions to Wendy that she still thinks about the damaging consequences from the times she kept secrets for Paul.

Finding it strange that Sadie would still be thinking about that, Wendy brings it up with Byron and Victor. Whilst Byron has no idea, Victor suddenly realises the unintentional burden he’s unfairly placed on Sadie’s shoulders.

Noticing Sadie’s increasing discomfort around his father, Byron suspects it’s because of his father’s “overly charming” personality, so when he comes across Victor and Sadie alone, and Sadie is in tears, he leaps to the wrong conclusion.

Now aware of the unintentional burden he’s placed on Sadie, and eager to defend himself to his son, Victor decides to come clean about the secret he’s been trying to hide.

Nicolette and Byron both struggle in the wake of Victor’s admission and while Nicolette rallies around Vic, Byron disappears, leaving Sadie worried that he’s upset she knew about it the whole time.

After a lot of angst, Byron admits he’s not handling the news very well and keeps his cards close to his chest until Aaron encourages him to go home and see his Dad. There he’s unable to hold everything in and explodes at his Dad, angry at everything he’s done.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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