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Nina gifts Roy a smartphone for Christmas in Corrie

But can he be convinced to use it?

Roy apologises to Nina for causing her to miss her cinema trip and Nina points out that if he’d used the mobile phone she got him, he could have called her. Nina tells Roy how much easier life would be if he’d embrace technology and use his new smartphone.

When Roy joins Evelyn and Brian, he reveals that for the last two years he’s been secretly studying for his VBRV, Volunteer Bat Roost Visitor qualification.

After dropping Evelyn at a friend’s house, Roy arranges to meet Nina, Brian and Asha at the bat group meeting in the woods. But when Brian and Nina get a message saying the meeting has been cancelled they realise they have no way of getting in touch with Roy.

Arriving at the woods alone, Roy drops his thermos in the river. When Nina, Asha and Brian arrive to look for Roy, they spot his car and head off towards the river to look for him. Nina is shocked when she spots Roy's thermos in the water.

Making her way down the bank, Nina slips, bangs her head and rolls into the river as Asha and Brian watch in panic. As Brian drags Nina’s limp body from the river, a fearful Asha calls for an ambulance.

As Roy and Nina leave the hospital, Roy continues to blame himself for endangering her life. When Sam calls at the cafe and tells Roy how helpful his phone is for his astronomy, Roy heads off to town and returns with a new smartphone.

But as Nina and Asha show him how to use it, Roy gets completely bewildered. Has he done the right thing?

Entering the café, Brian finds Roy listening to classical music via his new smartphone and Roy reluctantly admits that it does have its uses.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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