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Nina offers to give things another go with Asha in Corrie

As their search for justice brings them closer together again.

When Asha spots Stu wearing a Weatherfield County Backpack, she's certain it's Corey's from the night of the attack after he reveals that he found it in The Rovers. But as she goes to chase him, he gets away.

Asha and Nina resolve to track down Stu, aware that this could be their only chance to prove Corey guilty once and for all.

Getting little joy from the police Asha and Nina take a photo of Stu from the shop’s CCTV and show it to Billy who confirms he is a regular at the soup kitchen. In the hope of finding Stu, they offer to help out at the soup kitchen, but neither of the girls notice that he has heard every word.

Sean offers to help Asha and Nina find Stu by introducing them to his friend Carol who suggest that they go and speak to some of the homeless people by the riverbank. But she's furious when she sees them going through Stu’s belongings.

As Asha and Nina head home they spot Stu and Nina bites the bullet, telling Stu they need his help. After Nina explains to Stu how Corey’s backpack could prove he killed Seb, he's adamant he doesn't want to get involved and hurries away leaving the girls bitterly disappointed.

Taking Asha's hand, Nina tells her she’s ready to give their relationship another go if she’s willing to have her back, leaving Asha thrilled.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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