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Nish and Vinny wage war on the Mitchells in EastEnders

Will Phil agree to go into business with the Panesars?

Keen to expand the Panesar empire, Nish enlists Eve's help to reassess their current businesses. Finding both Nish and Eve looking through her business contracts, Suki is irritated and reminds her family that she's in charge.

At the Mitchell household, tensions begin to rise between Nish and Phil when the possibility of a new business deal comes into question. Despite Suki warning him to stay away from the Mitchells, Nish ignores her advice and enlists the help of his willing son Vinny for a new plan.

Going behind Suki's back, Nish and Vinny wage war on the Mitchells and when an enraged Phil later storms into the Panesar home accusing Nish, Suki is quick to jump to her husband’s defence, giving him an alibi.

Later that day, revenge is taken as the Minute Mart is turned upside down by an unwanted intruder and with Nish and Suki clearly rattled, Eve steps in to help clear up the mess.

Back at home, Suki confronts Nish. Having overheard the blazing row, a concerned Eve later heads to the Minute Mart to console Suki. Will Suki be receptive to her kindness?

Determined to reaffirm his position as head of the Panesar family empire, Nish puts his plan into action and Phil and Kat soon arrive for a tense lunch with Suki and Nish to discuss business.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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