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Nish and Vinny worry about Suki's health in EastEnders

But are they right to be worried? And will she seek help?

Overhearing a woman called Caz looking for Eve in the café, a jealous Suki stops Bernie from sharing information on her whereabouts, assuming that she’s a new love interest.

Heading to the café to investigate her secret admirer, Eve agrees to a date and later her and Suki have an awkward encounter in the Minute Mart. But just as Eve is about to leave, Suki almost faints.

Following her dizzy spell, Suki dismisses Nish and Vinny’s worries, insisting she is fine to work. However, at the Minute Mart, a worried Eve forces Suki to see the doctors.

Later, Vinny tries to encourage his mum to open up about her feelings, but Suki demands he keep out of her personal life and show her some respect.

After convincing her to attend a pamper session at Fox & Hair, Suki opens up about her low mood and Denise gives her a head massage.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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