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Nish returns to Walford to deliver the shocking news that he’s dying in EastEnders

But will the Panesars stick by him? And is he to be believed?


Suki and Eve are rattled when Nish turns up on the doorstep of No. 41, saying that the solicitor has sent both copies of their final order divorce paperwork to him.

After the Panesars agree to change the locks so Nish can't gain access, he manipulates Avani into getting him inside. As Nish starts stalking, Suki, Ravi, Eve and Vinny are hostile, but he silences them as he tells them he’s dying.

Accusing him of lying, the Panesars kick Nish out, as he insists that he's telling the truth. Later, Nish finds Priya and tries to convince her, but Ravi intervenes and orders him to stay away.

Eventually, Nish catches up with Nugget at McKlunky's and begs him to hear him out. Spotting them, Ravi gets angry and shoves Nish, who falls and is rushed to hospital.

On the day of Eve’s birthday, Nish dominates the conversation and Suki asks the Panesars to vote on whether to let him back into their lives.

When Nish comes over to plead his case, the family are left shaken by the depths of his desperation.

Despite standing firm with Suki against Nish in the moment, Ravi is conflicted, especially when Nugget and Avani plead his case. But there's another shock on the way.

As Nish's decision sends shockwaves through the Panesar family, Ravi struggles to stand firm when Nugget says that he'd never let his dad die alone, no matter what bad things Ravi had done.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Nish has an appointment with his consultant.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer


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