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Noah's behaviour comes into question by Gabby and Liv in Emmerdale

As Aaron confronts him, to accuse him of rape.

With Liv still uneasy around booze, Laurel decides to keep her away from temptation.

Soon, feeling suffocated by Aaron and Vinny’s constant references to her sobriety and struggling with it all, Liv breaks down in front of a concerned Laurel who does her best to advise her.

But it’s too much and when she next crosses paths with Hannah and George, Liv cracks and starts swigging from a can of lager.

Waking with a start, Liv is full of regret and confusion, with bruises on her arms and no idea what happened to her the night before.

When Aaron returns, he explains how he found her in the doorway last night and she's struggling with disorientating flashbacks.

Later, she’s shocked and sickened as she finally figures out it was Noah who she was struggling with last night.

After Liv mentions Noah, Gabby is left reeling, feeling uneasy after her own run-ins with him and tells Liv that they might be dealing with the aftermath of rape. Walking in on their conversation, Aaron hears everything and storms to confront Noah.

Back home, Aaron urges Liv to report what happened to the police but Liv feels burdened by the decision she faces. Will she report him?

The next day, Charity does some digging to see if there is another side to this story.

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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