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Nugget confronts Ravi over Suki's shocking claims in EastEnders

Has Suki gone too far? And will Denise help her put Ravi away?

After Suki convinces Denise, against Jack and Chelsea's wishes, to give a statement to the police on the incriminating video of Ravi, both their statements are dismissed due to their lack of physical evidence and Suki’s previous failed statement.

As Denise tries to cut her ties with Panesars, Suki later arrives, revealing a new plan. She's going to secretly record Ravi's confession.

Later, Suki meets Ravi in The Albert to secretly record his confession, but an ill-timed phone call from the prison forces her to stop.

When Ravi threatens more harm to her family if she doesn’t keep quiet, Suki pleads with Denise to help put Ravi away once and for all but Denise refuses fearing for her family's safety.

As Suki regrets what she told Nugget about his father, Ravi can sense something is up with his son and after a heart-to-heart with Zack, wrongly puts his behaviour down to typical adolescent angst.

Elsewhere, Nugget tries to convince Denzel to skip school which he refuses, but after Suki finds him, Nugget heads to Walford East to confront Ravi about Suki’s claims.

As Nugget takes refuge at No.41, Ravi arrives in search of his son.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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