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Nugget loses his temper as he’s forced to confront his steroid use in EastEnders

Can Ravi convince his son to train clean?


After Sharon convinces Zack to get involved in the youth boxing tournament, he tries to get Nugget and Avani to sign up.

Nervous ahead of the boxing tournament, Nugget asks Denzel if they need to up their dose of pills. But when Denzel scoffs at the suggestions, Nugget struggles with dizziness.

Later, during a heart-to-heart, Ravi tries to get Nugget to open up and counsels him not to take short cuts when training.

At the weigh-in for the boxing tournament, Nugget finds himself unwell and when Zack tells him he’s not weighing in today, an angry Nugget loses his temper at Denzel.

Finding Ravi, Zack warns him that he suspects the boys of using steroids. But Ravi won’t hear of it and later talks to Nugget, reiterating that he can’t take shortcuts when training.

EastEnders continues Wednesday to Friday on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer


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