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Online trolling takes its toll on Bobby in EastEnders

As Ian worries about the effects on his reputation

This week sees Bex move in with Bobby, Iqra and Habiba in the hope that it will solve all her problems. When her and Bobby invite Dotty on a night out, Dennis is less than pleased to see Bobby.

As Bex, Dotty, Iqra, Tiffany and Keegan plan their night they’re stunned to see a post on social media badmouthing Bobby.

Trying to reassure Bobby, Dotty reveals her plan for their night - but what could it involve? And with Kathy threatening his reputation, Ian is quick to confront Bobby after hearing about the social media posts from Jack.

Realising that all Ian cares about is his reputation, Bobby slams the door in his face.


These episodes of EastEnders will air Monday 10th, Thursday 13th and Friday 14th February on BBC One


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