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Paddy fears the end for him and Chas after her secret return in Emmerdale

But is this really the end for Chas and Paddy?

With Chas back in the village to support Charity, Paddy fears things are not good after discovering she's back but didn't tell him. Apologising, she tells him that she had planned to return to Scotland without him even knowing she’d returned.

The next day, Charity urges Chas to sort out her relationship with Paddy before it’s too late. Determined to confront Chas, Paddy opts for some Dutch courage before facing her. However Mandy has a plan and after conning him into heading to the Dingles, she distracts Paddy with booze.

When Bear tells Marlon about Mandy's plan he worries that Paddy's ex isn’t the greatest person for him to get drunk with. As soon as Chas arrives to talk to Paddy, Marlon and Bear try to stall her until Marlon finally reveals Paddy is on the lash with Mandy.

It dawns on Chas that she might have driven Paddy into the arms of his ex and the next day she's upset that Paddy didn't come home the night before.

Emmerdale continues Monday - Friday at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV

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