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Paloma Faith to be the subject of a new BBC Two film, As I Am

The hour-long film will air in the coming weeks and follows a year in the life of Paloma, both front and backstage, in the midst of a pivotal year in her career.

Photo: Later with Jools Holland, BBC/Samantha Wynn

Paloma has had number ones all over the world, multi-million albums sales, headlined Glastonbury and sung to tens of thousands every week, but in recent years, she has taken on her toughest challenge yet - having a baby.

Paloma Faith: As I Am will offer unlimited access to Paloma as a woman, a mother and an international pop-star in the public eye. It follows Paloma on an emotional journey, as she balances the demands of a vital make-or-break tour with writing a new album, launching an acting career and being a first time mum.

The film will feature appearances and contributions from Rag’n’Bone Man, Ty Taylor and Jonas Blue as well as her band, management and family members. We see her struggling with choices every mum will be familiar with, whilst embarking on enormous career challenges in a cut-throat business.

Paloma not only returns to work after having her baby, but also to huge expectations to break Australia and America. At every turn, we ask ‘Will Paloma pull it off? Will she be successful and if so, what sacrifices will she be forced to make?’

Speaking about the film, Paloma said "I was very reluctant to let a camera into the very personal experience of working as a first time mum but Jane Mingay who made the film is also a mother and a friend so I felt safe. The result is very telling, exposed and at times emotional for me to watch. Also, I hope it’s a testament to all working mothers out there."

"As a feminist, I don’t believe in aiming for patriarchal ideals in order to be a success. I believe in embracing our feminine strengths and abilities in order to try and navigate success in a male dominated and judged world. The film I hope gives some insight into this."

Head of Commissioning for BBC Music Television, Jan Younghusband, said "Paloma Faith: As I Am, from first time director Jane Mingay, shines a light on Paloma’s incredible achievements in her career to date, whilst also taking an honest look at the reality of balancing the commitments of parenthood with a demanding career."

"It’s a warm and often moving film and I’m delighted that we’ll be able to bring Paloma’s inspiring story to viewers on BBC Two."

Paloma Faith: As I Am will air soon on BBC Two


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