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Patrick confronts Pastor Clayton after discovering that he sexually assaulted Yolande in EastEnders

Can Yolande beg him to stop before he makes things worse?


This week, EastEnders will air a special episode centring around Patrick and Yolande as he discovers that she was sexually assaulted by Pastor Clayton, and the immediate aftermath that follows.

The revelation will be the catalyst for Yolande to finally break her silence about the assault as she shares her ordeal with her life partner.

For Patrick, it will end weeks of confusion about Yolande’s well-being but begin a new, difficult journey as he tries to process what has happened and how best to support Yolande.

Patrick is worried sick about Yolande, especially after Sonia lets slip that she missed a medical appointment he didn’t know about. And Denise is concerned when Yolande is a no-show at the launch of the food van and suggests to Patrick that perhaps Pastor Clayton could help talk to her.

Taking her advice, Patrick confides in Pastor Clayton, who implies that Yolande could be unwell, but during a heart-to-heart, Yolande is left furious when Patrick tells her about Pastor Clayton’s ‘concerns’.

Unable to bring herself to tell Patrick the truth, when Elaine rings to check on her, Yolande asks her friend to do it instead.

Over the phone, Elaine gently explains what’s happened to a shell-shocked Patrick. As he tries to process the news, he attempts to talk to Yolande, who locks herself in the bathroom but when Patrick’s anger kicks in, and he heads to confront Pastor Clayton, Yolande rushes to stop him.

As they return inside they discuss what Yolande has been through and she agrees to report Pastor Clayton to the church officials.

Despite Patrick wanting to go with her to report Pastor Clayton, Yolande insists on going alone and tells Levi about Pastor Clayton sexually assaulting her. Commending her bravery, Levi promises to start investigating her complaint right away.

When Patrick discovers that Levi has scheduled a meeting with his superiors for next week, he’s incredulous that the process is so slow. Collaring Levi in the café, Patrick tells him to get a move on, or he’ll take the matter into his own hands.

Seeing Pastor Clayton posturing at the Community Centre, Patrick confronts him before Yolande arrives and begs him to stop.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer


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