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Paul and Bernie uncover Shelley's laptop scam in Corrie

What will they do with this new information?

Calling at Shelly's flat, Paul moans to her about the stairlift and the wheelchair and Billy’s constant interference and Shelly reckons he should be grateful for Billy’s support.

Returning home, Paul suggests to Billy they go out for the day and enjoy themselves whilst they still can. As they spend the afternoon at the lake, Paul suggests to Billy that they go skinny dipping and he finds it hard to refuse.

Suggesting it's time they booked their wedding, Paul suggests to Billy that they have their wedding at the bistro.

Later, calling at Shelly’s flat, Paul and Bernie find her surrounded by boxes and parcels, each of them containing a laptop and Shelly confesses that she’s been buying laptops on her old company credit card and selling them on in order to pay for her carers.

When Paul presents Summer with one of Shelly’s stolen laptops for her birthday, he makes out it was going cheap. And when Dev reads a message from Big Garth on Bernie’s phone, he accuses her of having an affair.

Assuring him he’s got it all wrong, will Bernie reveal the truth about the laptop scam?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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