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Paul is diagnosed with motor neurone disease in Corrie after losing control of Rufus' car

But will Paul tell his family?

With Billy having paid off his loan, Paul feels guilty, knowing that he'll never be able to pay him back.

After reading about Rufus’ death in the Gazette, Damon orders Paul to dispose of Rufus’ car and he intends on doing so. However, because of his clumsy left hand, he swerves across the road and his heart sinks as a police car approaches.

Explaining to Paul that the police are still reviewing the CCTV footage, Dee-Dee tells him that once they’ve finished, he should be free to go.

Later, Dee-Dee accompanies Paul to his appointment with the MND specialist and they both reel in shock when the specialist confirms that Paul has motor neurone disease. When Paul tells Dee-Dee that he needs to tell Billy and his family the news, will he tell them?

Meanwhile, when Sarah suggests a date lunch but without the lunch, Adam is delighted. And when Damon discovers Dee-Dee’s taken over his licence application, he guesses correctly that Sarah doesn’t want him to spend any time with Adam.

And in the café, Paul shows Dee-Dee a letter confirming his court date.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1

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